Glass breakage


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lom staklaGlass breakage

Protect your windows, shop windows, advertisements, marble surface etc.

Glass surfaces are the first to sustain damage

The surroundings in which you run your business are abundant with items made of glass – which is an unavoidable material in all premises. Aside from windows and doors, glass is more and more often used in the production of furniture. However, no matter how careful we treat glass items – breakage does happen. Glass surfaces are most commonly damaged due to carelessness, bad weather conditions, malicious actions of third parties, but also some everyday instances such as an ordinary draft. Replacement of glass is usually extremely expensive. Therefore, DDOR Novi Sad offers you a special insurance policy that provides full protection from losses in case of glass breakage, including items made of marble, stone, porcelain and other materials.

From windows and tables to advertisements and monuments

DDOR Novi Sad enables you to insure all types of glass surfaces, illuminated signboards and advertisements, images, sign boards and decorations on insured glass surfaces, marble and artificial stone of table tops, counters, wardrobes and similar items, porcelain washbasins, toilet bowls, bidets and urinals, as well as cultural and historical monuments and gravestones made of stone, concrete and metal.

My benefits

  • You can choose the items that you wish to insure under this policy.
  • This insurance provides protection from destruction or damage sustained by insured items in case of any risks that such insured items are exposed to, except damages incurred in the course of moving or setting up insured items outside premises agreed upon in the contract or damages caused by landslide and subsidence.
  • Insurance of illuminated signboards and advertisements provides coverage for their component parts such as frames and other parts not made of glass.
  • DDOR Novi Sad will also cover the costs of necessary temporary installation of glass, or costs of removing and putting back items that need to be moved in order to replace the glass – for example, protective bars.

What you need to know

  • If specially agreed upon, DDOR Novi Sad will also be obliged to pay indemnity for damages sustained by images, signboards and decorations that were on the insured item or, for example in a shop window that got broken, provided that the damage arose from the same loss event as the damage on the insured item.
  • This insurance program does not cover damages caused by abrasions and similar damages on the surface of insured items.