Insurance against fire and allied perils


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pozaraInsurance against fire and allied perils

The policy which guarantees safe operations

Insurance against fire and allied perils represents the fundamental policy, in the absence of which safe operations are practically inconceivable. Its purpose is to protect your property, fixed and non-pecuniary turnover assets against fire and natural disasters.

This policy insures your construction facilities along with accompanying equipment and installations, equipment – machines and work devices, as well as stocks.

The policy can also cover workers’ items, items of third persons accepted for repairs or maintenance, money, securities, etc.

Wide array of risks and covers

Your property is protected against the basic package of risks, namely: fire, thunder strike, explosion, storm, hail, collision of insured’s own motor vehicle with an insured facility, manifestations and demonstrations, as well as fall of aircraft.

Insurance coverage may also be arranged for the following risks:

  • flood, torrent and high water, escape of water from installations, land-slide, settling and rock-slide, avalanche, leakage of work fluid or supply from vessels and installations, self-combustion of stocks, collision of unknown motor vehicle with insured facility, leakage of incandescent liquid metal and breakage of items displayed in a museum or at an exhibition.


In addition to coverage stipulated to the sum insured, you can also select an annual limit of coverage for supplementary risks, which is exhausted after one or several claims – insurance “at first risk”. By selecting this manner of insurance, you will save on premium, because the sum insured “at first risk” can be significantly lower than the total value of the insured property. For example, no one actually expects that a flood will damage an entire multi-story building – the damage is usually only sustained by the basement and ground floor premises.

My benefits

The costs of clearing away debris and demolition, necessary in order to commence the elimination of the damage covered by this insurance, will be indemnified in the amount of up to 3% of the sum insured.