Insurance of computers and associated equipment


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racunaraInsurance of computers and associated equipment

Your IT equipment deserves adequate protection

Contemporary technology is not cheap, but it is certainly sensitive and business operations of every contemporary company rely on it. The company data kept in the computer is also priceless. However, recovering such data might cost a fortune. DDOR Novi Sad provides full protection if your precious equipment sustains a disaster.

Protection of complete systems and data

DDOR enables you to insure your complete computer equipment under one policy (including personal computers, process and network equipment, mainframe, auxiliary equipment, air-conditioning and energetic units, etc.), as well as installations with the accompanying equipment.

According to your requirements, you can also obtain insurance coverage for external data carriers (e.g. magnetic tapes and discs), costs of reforming the data, costs of renting another computer.

What kind of coverage can you provide for your equipment?

One policy can insure your computer against unpredicted costs incurred due to fire, thunderbolt, explosion, windstorm, hail, water and steam, fall of aircraft, manifestations and demonstrations, landslide, rockslide, avalanche, machine breakage, burglary theft and robbery.

In addition, you can agree coverage for the loss of data caused by breakage (destruction) or loss of data carriers in the course of transfer or due to deletion caused by effects of magnetic field, etc. You can also chose the coverage of costs incurred for the rent of other computers.

My benefits

  • You can arrange lower premium by stipulating a higher participation in the damage – deductible.