Insurance of goods in transit – cargo


Secured transport of goods.


kargoInsurance of goods in transit – cargo

Provide coverage for goods or items from multitude of risks during transport and avoid undesirable losses of operations.

In the sky, on the ground and water

Cargo insurance can protect your goods from numerous risks it is exposed to in the course of transport, regardless of whether they are in connection to the transport itself, such as traffic accidents, ship sinking, fall of aircraft, etc. or pertaining to fire, natural disasters, theft, robbery or the features of the goods itself. In this manner, you can insure all goods or items transported outside and within the borders of Serbia by any means of transport; ship, railway, truck, airplane, mail, etc.

What does the policy cover?

The insurance of goods in transit provides coverage for loss or damage sustained by the insured item due to: fire or explosion, traffic or navigation accident of transportation means, earthquake, flood, avalanche, thunderbolt, windstorm, theft or failure to deliver the whole cargo, fall of insured item from the means of transport during loading or unloading.

The insurance can also cover risks such as various damages on goods (items) in the course of loading and unloading or due to damages incurred to the packaging, tearing of bags, breakage, scattering or leaking of the contents, malfunction. ”DDOR Novi Sad” will also cover the costs of salvaging the insured items. You have the possibility to arrange coverage of costs that are directly caused by the insured event.

My benefits

The insurance of goods in transit can be arranged so as to include all goods transported at the risk of the insured:

  • Contract on open cover for goods transported with the international shipping document (an individual policy is issued for each transport and the insured submits the data necessary for insurance).
  • General policy – for insurance of goods with domestic shipping documents

This manner of insurance of goods ensures you that none of the shipments will be left uninsured; it also provides more reasonable prices of insurance.

Each shipment can be insured by a separate policy, which must be issued before the commencement of transport.

What you need to know

  • In case of damage, you need to adequately determine the nature, scope and the cause of damage, as well as the circumstances in which the damage occurred. The report on the damage depends on the means of transport and type of the damage.
  • Serious damages may require the presence of an average adjuster who will carry out the process of assessment
  • The basis for calculating the premium is the invoice value of the goods, which may be increased by the possible costs of customs and transport
  • The level of premium depends on the type of goods, risks that you want to cover, type of transport, destination, etc.