My sweet little home


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mojakucica My sweet little home

Full safety for your home (house or apartment), its contents, you and your household members; a unique insurance programme in Serbia, which provides full protection for your entire household – “My Sweet Little Home” and assistance “24h Emergency Home Repairs”.

My Sweet Little Home insurance provides safety not just for your house or apartment, but also for the auxiliary facilities in your household.

Benefits of DDOR “My Sweet Little Home” insurance:

• no deductible;
• in case of fire or theft, the costs of making new identification documents are covered;
• coverage in case you or your household members accidentally cause material damage to third parties;
• significant discounts granted for choosing a more comprehensive coverage;
• you choose the risks against which you wish to insure your home yourself.

Special option – earthquake insurance:

• “DDOR Novi Sad” covers the costs of losses to houses, apartments, auxiliary facilities and weekend houses, as well as to their contents, which were caused by earthquake. This insurance covers the damage caused to facilities that were ready for use for their intended purposes before the earthquake.

What can be insured?

My sweet little home policy can provide coverage for the following:

  • buildings – apartments, houses, auxiliary facilities (garages and utility rooms), weekend houses;
  • items in the household. Household items also include cash, securities, precious stones, precious metals, genuine pearls and items made thereof, artwork and art collections, identification documents;
  • third party liability – in case you or your household members accidentally incur material damages to third parties;
  • infield – vegetable cultures, fruit and grapes grown in the infield. Infield shall imply the land around and/or alongside the house, and/or land (regular backyard, vegetable garden, flower garden and orchard) belonging to the family house or business entity located in a building similar to a family house.

With “My sweet little home” package you can conclude assistance “24h emergency home repairs”.

24h Emergency Household Repairs

Friend in front of your door

It often happens that even on Sundays or during a holiday suddenly in an apartment or house pipe burst, electric fail, the lock on the front door breaks or something similar? What if your handyman is unavailable at that moment, and your neighbor is away?
“DDOR Novi Sad” is always thinking of you and your needs. Therefore, we provide an effective solution for you – insurance “24h emergency home repairs,” in collaboration with world-renowned Assistance house “Europ”, which on five continents, provides assistance for 250 million customers.

At your service NON-STOP, we provide 24 hours a day: 

  • arrival of a skilled repairman, certified for the type of intervention that you need,
  • coverage of his fees and costs of minor repair material,
  • coverage of accommodation costs should you find yourself incapable of living under your roof due to the damage!

What kind of help is provided?

The insurance “24h Emergency Household Repair” provides you with a 24/7 help and expense coverage for skilled repairmen for the following services:

  • plumbing (malfunction or blockage inside water and sewage pipes,
  • carpentry (damage or breakdown of your windows/doors caused by a break in),
  • locksmith (in the event you lose your apartment/house key),
  • glazing services,
  • masonry and roofing,
  • electrical services (electrical failure),
  • heating units services (due to a malfunction),
  • air-conditioners services,
  • cleaning and drying in case of water leakage, flood or seepage of waste waters into a building facility.

How big is the expenses coverage?

With “My Sweet Little House”, for only RSD 189.00 per month (the amount can be lower if you choose a more comprehensive insurance package) the following interventions are covered:

  • Up to EUR 200.00 per single case for the services of the skilled professional and up to EUR 20.00 for repair material (the rest will be indemnified through “My Sweet Little House” policy – if the items and risks have been covered therein).
  • Up to EUR 500 per case for the accommodation, including transportation costs.

Household help insurance shall provide services for the maximum of three emergencies per year.

DDOR advices you

If a situation occurs in which you need an emergency intervention, call our Help Center at 021 450 456 and 011 228 4147.

Do not try to deal with the problem by your own (unless the case requires it from you, in order to prevent bigger damage or to save lives).

Follow the instructions you receive from the Help Center.