Do you want safety for yourself and your family?
The NO RISK programme and the available supplementary insurance guarantee savings, profit and life insurance.
Provide triple safety for yourself and your family!

 Benefits of DDOR programme NO RISK:

• secure savings with significant profit;
• concluding an insurance policy is simple, without medical examination;
• we set up a special fund which includes the funds of the No risk programme. The funds are directed to secure and profitable investments, with the goal of making profit for the insureds;
• option to conclude supplementary insurance.

The following supplementary insurance policies can be concluded along with the NO RISK programme:

• supplementary accident insurance package. The supplementary accident insurance package covers 5 risks, namely: death due to accident, death caused by a traffic accident, permanent disability from 50% to 100% due to accident, bone fracture due to accident and medical expenses due to injury.

• supplementary insurance against total and permanent disability. In case of total and permanent disability of the insured, the insurer undertakes the obligation of further premium payment, as well as payment of the insured sum upon expiry of the insurance contract.

Insurance terms and conditions:

• entry age from 0 to 75. Expiry at the age of 80 at the latest;
• minimum insurance period of 5 years, maximum of 25 years;
• manner of premium payment: monthly, annually or as a single premium payment.

No Risk



Period 20 years

Dynamics of premium payment

Dynamics of premium payment

Dynamics of premium payment

Age of entry 30 years











Amount of premium

50 EUR

50 EUR

600 EUR

600 EUR

12,000 EUR


Amount of insured sum

13.603,50 EUR

13.597,50 EUR

13.782 EUR

13.764 EUR

17.400 EUR

17.280 EUR

Supplementary insurance in case of total and permanent disability

0,37 EUR

0,18 EUR

4,39 EUR

2,15 EUR

No Risk

Supplementary accident insurance package

Insured sums

monthly premium

Death in case of accident

10.000 EUR

3,00 EUR

Death in case of car accident

20.000 EUR

Permanent disability 50% – 100% in case of accident

10.000 EUR

Fracture of bones in case of accident

500 EUR

Medical costs in case of accident

1.000 EUR

Information for owners of NO RISK life insurance

Please be advised that “DDOR Novi Sad” a.d.o. Novi Sad generated profit from invested mathematical reserves funds from life insurance products NO RISK and SAFE PROFIT, in 2017.

Our company sent notifications regarding profit allocation to each client who had concluded pure endowment insurance contracts – NO RISK and SAFE PROFIT, provided that the policy had been active or capitalized as at 31.12.2017, all with the aim of timely notification of clients in line with the provisions of statutory regulations and insurance terms and conditions.

The notifications specified the profit-share balance for each individual insurance contract, i.e. the total accrued additional insured sum from insurance inception.

We particularly wish to emphasize that, having in mind current conditions on the financial market, the generated results are testament to the quality of investing and managing the assets of our clients who have bestowed their trust on us.

DDOR osiguranje, your life companion!