Accident insurance of pensioners


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penzionera od nezgode Accident insurance of pensioners

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Group accident insurance of pensioners

An accident cannot be predicted, but ”DDOR Novi Sad“ can help you mitigate its consequences. We care about your safety by providing you and your family with insurance protection when it is most needed.

We give you and your spouses an opportunity to conclude group accident insurance. This insurance presents a type of financial protection for you and your loved ones. It provides substantive coverage in case of an accident (home injury, during all of your activities, at any place, non-stop), and payment of indemnity in case of death, which may occur due to accident or due to illness (natural causes).

This insurance can also cover the spouse who is not a pensioner and is unemployed.

How to conclude accident insurance?

The group accident insurance of pensioners can be concluded through a Union or Association of pensioners with which “DDOR Novi Sad” established cooperation. If you wish to insure yourself, you need to fill out the Statement on entering into group insurance, and submit it to the Municipal Association of pensioners that DDOR cooperates with, or to the nearest office of “DDOR Novi Sad”.

For any additional information contact DDOR Customer Center, which provides round-the-clock services, at 021 480 2222, or Municipal Association in your town.